Murray Harkin Associates speak with authority and wisdom unrivalled by other ‘spin doctors’.  Whether you want to develop your career, sell your story or you need defending from the media, the Agency’s wide contact network coupled with a unique insight will help protect as well as promote – both promoting and repairing if necessary.

Murray Harkin – Founder

Murray has counselled high profile celebrities, Royalty, entrepreneurs, politicians and members of the general public. All have called on his expertise to either place them in the media, or manage stories they’d rather didn’t make the headlines; giving them their life back in the process.

He is one of the few practitioners in the business who has actually experienced a long and vitriolic media storm – and all the unseen ‘stuff’ that goes with that such as door-stepping, personal intrusion, family and friends pursued – and that’s just for starters! He’s not only lived to tell the tale, but survived to put his seminal experience to the best possible use – advising people who also find themselves at the wrong end of the media’s assumptions – finding the light at the end of that tunnel – and the future beyond.

30 years in the media and communications business gives Murray not just a great knowledge of who’s who, but also the measured sensitivity to have handled many real life case studies in highly personal areas such as relationships, personal survival and endurance, cosmetic surgery, weight loss and Society’s otherwise unsung heroes – ensuring clients earn the optimum from coming forward with their personal story without feeling exploited.


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Murray Harkin
@murrayharkinNov 19
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@DailyStarSunday @ukpropbrothers so proud to see my boys featured today. Let the journey begin. Watch this space.
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