We specialise in working for people-oriented brands and personalities, from celebrities through to business entrepreneurs and their enterprises.  We are proficient in the promotion and protection of clients in the spheres of business, media and entertainment.


Reputation has never been more important – we all have one, personal or corporate – and it can be carefully raised and nurtured over years for personal and financial benefit, then knocked off its global pedestal in seconds.

We combine a superb public relations service with excellent agency representation, to build / repair, and successfully develop that thing most precious to your livelihood, your reputation!

We take time to nurture our clients and really understand their objectives, strengths, perceived weaknesses and issues. We also draw on our established working relationships with key law firms and agents to offer any necessary expert advice.

Not only do we have some of the best client relationships in the business – we also achieve high levels of on-going success with relevant media coverage and new, brand-extending opportunities for our clients. We are unrivalled in the industry for our reputation for success and creativity, confidentiality and professionalism.


Stuff happens to all of us at one time or another. We know how to take the drama out of all manner of crises and help you find your way back – not just too normal life but better than before. Just as many of our clients who wish to court publicity are also successfully protected from negative media. People and companies are assisted with sensitive damage limitation programmes.


We help our clients see beyond today’s damaging media coverage by putting strategies in place to work towards more productive and happier times and better media relationships.


Have you got the world’s press hammering your door down? Is your reputation on the line? If you are on the wrong end of a ‘kiss and tell’ or another type of scandal, and want to put your side across, or try to prevent the story from appearing – talk to us. We can also arrange ‘safe’ accommodation, security and expert legal advice.


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